Top 5 Best Walkie Talkie for Your Kids

According to Wikipedi reports, a walkie-talkie is also known as handheld transceiver and a portable, handheld 2-way radio transceiver. It was first used during the World War II designed by a radio engineer Alfred J. Gross, Donald L. Hings and Motorola engineering crew.  It was first used for infantry and some designs were credited for tank units and field artillery, and walkie-talkies spread for public safety all over the world.

best walkie talkie for kids


Along with cops, military etc, walkie-talkie is also used by common public for many purposes. They are used for traffic control, manage events and mall traffic etc. In fact it is also used by kids for playing. Here’s the list of best walkie talkie for kids in 2017.


Motorola MD200R FRS

Motorola is quite a well known and most popular walkie-talkie brand. It is known to have amazing design and advanced features along with good range as well. It basically comes in 2 to 3 sets with 20 miles of amazing range. It is very easy to operate, comes with 2 rechargeable batteries, 2 radios, charging adaptor, 2 belt clips and two connectors. It has got cool design and appearance and it uses black/green combination as well as small LCD screen (showing 22 channels to connect with). Your kids can play around 29 hours endlessly with single charge, without having to change batteries.

Kidzlane Durable Walkie Talkies

It is the bestseller and high rated walkie-talkie and is ideal gift for those who have kids and love toys. This device has been designed by considering mobile toys. The cute blue design is appealing to kids. The 2 miles of range of this device is enough to play around park or home. It has 3 different channels to operate at one time. It is very handy, ideal for kids of small age. It can be used for 4 hours with one charge. It has LED indicators with chip holder to carry around like cops.

Spy Gear Ultra Range

This product is user friendly and has high range. It has got the range of 2 miles and amazing appearance. It gives the feel of real cops. It has big red button to know how to hold and click communication with ease. It can be easily operated with 3 AAA batteries. It has great sound quality and uses high frequency to deliver message.

Retevis RT628 VOX UHF

It has got good range and can even catch signals from 3000 to 8000 ft. (according to the environment). One can easily communicate with several devices and it has several channels to pair with devices.

Nerf Walkie-Talkies

With 1000 ft. of range, it is a cheap option which comes with basic features. It is a low range but durable device. It is used to play in park and it uses two 9 volt batteries.