Best Exercises For Your New Year’s Fitness Resolution

With 2016 closing and the year 2017 just beginning, there has never been a better time to actually achieve those fitness resolution. Instead of the false promises like last year, now is the time to kick up the motivation, pick the most effective exercises and stick with it throughout 2017 to achieve a tighter, toner and sexier body. Who is with me? Let’s continue!


Jump Squats


If you have already started to workout then it is time to change up your routine and up the intensity. Jump Squats are perfect for not only regularly and active gym members but also for the beginner. Simply, stand with your feet, shoulder width apart, and lower your height by contracting your legs closer to the floor while sticking out your bottom.


This position will be your starting position. Next start the exercise by jumping in the air, focusing on using your legs to propel your movement upwards. Extend your arms upwards, reaching the sky. Then as you come back down, graceful catch your body in a squat formation.


It is important to focus on technique rather than the amount of reps or sets you can perform. Getting your technique right, will build, tone and strengthen your legs, while also reducing the changes of injury.


Side To Side Crunches


Crunches are one of the best exercises you can do to tone and strength your mid-section. Side to side crunches are a variant on the traditional type of crunches, instead of directly targeting your abs, they target your Oblique’s (the muscles on either side of your abs).


These type of crunches also work well when stacked with traditional styled crunches, as they strengthen and stabilize your core, increasing fluidity and strength of your mid-section, not to mention toning and refining a fit and tight looking stomach.


HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training


Particularly a HIIT workout including the following exercises: Step-ups (20 reps), Knee Push-Ups (10 reps) and Burpees (20 reps). If you are not familiar with HIIT, it is a style of fast paced and a short duration way of exercising. Where workouts typically last for 10 to 20 minutes and the exercise performed are done without a break, with each set usually lasting 1 to 3 minutes, with a 30 to 60 second break and then a continuation in sets. This type of workout will really pump up your metabolism, not only burning a lot of calories throughout the workout but also throughout the rest of the day.


If you are really looking to lose weight and tone your body then HIIT is the best way to go, coupled with a weight loss diet and a good fat burner (like this popular one). Alternatively if you are looking to strengthen and tone your legs and mid-section then by performing squats, along with side to side crunches / traditional crunches, you will be able to quickly tone and develop your new body for 2017. No matter what type of exercise you choose to do, maintaining your motivation and dedication is key to achieving your New Year’s fitness resolutions.